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Nature Reserves

Nature reserves are special nature and landscape conservation areas as stipulated in a statutory regulation of the Free State of Thuringia. In parts the conservation of the nature and landscape is essential as a whole, sometimes to conserve the habitats of protected animal- and plant species.

The intentions behind stipulating nature reserves are various:
The nature reserve “Wettera” is targeted at the preservation of sub natural and biosphere typical watercourses whereas the nature reserve “Mittelgrund” aims at the preservation of moor land. Amongst others the nature reserve “Bleiberg” is stipulated for conserving important breeding habitats for endangered bird species and the nature reserve “Dreba-Plothener Teichgebiet” is to protect the special beauty and character of the pond area.

Currently there are 15 nature reserves in the Saale-Orla-District with an overall area of 3,228.8 hectares. That’s a share of 2.80 % of the whole district area.
The biggest nature reserve in our administrative district named “Jägersruh-Gemäßgrund-Mulschwitzen” covers an area of 1,303.4 hectares and the smallest one, “Kobersfelsen”, includes only 6 hectares.

A nature trail between Plothen and Dreba leads visitors through the unique and picturesque pond landscape in Thuringia. Especially at the “Informationsstelle für Naturschutz und Umwelt”,a place at the so called Hausteich (a pond) near Plothen, people exploring this wonderful area can get information (and substantial information material) on nature reserve projects and environment and about flora and fauna in this region.

Walking along the famous “Rennsteig” is a great experience for all nature lovers. This well beyond Thuringia known hiking trail touches the nature reserve “Jägersruh-Gemäßgrund-Mulschwitzen” and runs across the nature reserve “Thüringer Schiefergebirge” with its widespread forest and sub natural streams.


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