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Old and yet beautiful ...
...are the numerous churches and architectural monuments in our administrative district
village church, decorative interior of the entire church with frescoes dated around 1700

building composition of the “Brüdergemeine”, 18th century (Herrenhuter Barock),
with “Zinzendorfplatz” and God’s Acre
For more information please call Pastor Hasting under 0049 36651 87006

Nikolaus chapel, manor chapel of 1935
For more information please call Mr. Herden under 0049 36483 322559
mail: info@nikolaus-kapelle-doerflas.de

Johanniskirche (St John church), tower with Gothic basement, decoration and furnishings in Baroque style, exceptional pulpit altar
For more information please call the local authority of Dreitzsch under 0049 36481 22058

fortified church and pilgrimage church St Leonhardt, core in Romanesque style, valuable Late Gothic winged altars and side altars built in the late 15th century, treasure: an elaborate communion cup
For more information please call H.W.Zienert under 0049 36651 30531

town church ”Unserer Lieben Frau”, hall church with Gothic tower and Late Gothic altar figures – Saalfelder Schule (about 1500), 16th century font, Trampeli-organ (1807)

church St Martin, remarkable paintings, valuable organ built by Friderici in 1771
For more information please call family Kessel under 0049 36647 22322

new church building in early Classicism style (1751 -1753), main work of Johann Gottlieb Riedel, ground plan developed from oval and cross, rich stucco interior decorations in Rococo style

old tower, remains of the historical town wall, Neues Schloss (new castle), Alte Wache (old guard house) park pavilion, historical market place with town hall, town church St Michaelis,
special altar wall created by Friedrich Popp according to old Greek and Egyptian techniques
For more information please call the tourist information office under 0049 36651 2543

Dutch windmill (also look at “museums”)
For more information please call the miller Hans Knapp under 0049 36481 23836

Wetzsteinturm (tower), viewpoint “Altvaterturm”, newly restored since August 2004

large church with steeple above the sanctuary in Romanesque style, mentioned in 1057 in documents as primary parish, with decorative stucco in the nave, winged altars from the 15th century

Neustadt an der Orla
late Gothic town hall, medieval butcher’s stalls (1475)- unique in Europe, church “St John” with an altar from the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Older, Lutherhaus, two post-mile-columns at the time of August the Strong, Bismarckturm (tower) on the Kesselberg (viewpoint)
For more information please contact the tourist information office under 0049 36481 85121 or the protestant church congregation under 0049 36481 22947

late Gothic town hall with distinctive gable at its north side, slanting marketplace, market fountain with a fountain manikin, newly restored private town-houses that are well worth looking at, town church (Bartholomäuskirche), Gottesackerkirche (God’s Acre church), Weißer Turm – the only remaining corner tower of the former fortification of the town- now a viewpoint, different listed buildings of industrial architecture
For more information please contact the tourist information centre (Glockentum) under 0049 3647 412 295 or the protestant church congregation under 0049 3647 412 280

church St Jodocus, very large pilgrimage church with tracery windows in Gothic style, font dated 1608
For more information please contact the protestant church congregation under
0049 36648 22382

church St Georg in Kulm, building in Romanesque style with rich ornamental paintings on the ceiling and the gallery, alabaster font, founded in 1684
For more information please call Ms Fischer under 0049 36647 22325

Bergkirche, large Gothic hall church with interior decoration in Baroque style, former funeral church of the Reuß dynasty, Wolfgangskapelle (chapel), “Alte Münze” building with towers in Baroque style (porcelain exhibition Friedrich Böttger, historical grammar school Rutheneum, workplace of Dr. Konrad Duden, reformer of the German language
For more information please call 0049 3663 422 666

church St John, pulpit wall in Baroque style, valuable stained glass windows, bronze bell from 1654
For more information please contact Pastor (retired) Klaus Herden under 0049 36483 22559

church St Simon and Judas Thaddäus, valuable organ, pulpit altar in Baroque style, galleries and ceilings made of wood in its natural state

Ziemestalbrücke (railway bridge for the “Oberlandbahn”), 1894 steel construction ,
120 metres in length, 36 metres in height

old town hall ( timber-framed building),
church St Nikolaus, church with steeple above the sanctuary, cast iron made altar and Trampeli-organ (1777)
heritage site “Heinrichshütte Wurzbach, a historical foundry that still performs show-foundings (also look at “museums”), built in 1729 for producing wire

church St Bartholomäus and manse built in Saale- Frankonian farmers style with porch in Renaissance style
Gutskapelle Dörflas
Kirche Neunhofen Ostwand
Mühle Linda im Abenslicht
Ausschnitt aus der Kirchendecke der Kirche Neunhofen
Madonna mit Kind im Fenster der St.Wolfgang-Kapelle in Schleiz
Kirche Sparnberg Altarraum

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