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Advice of mycologists

Mycologists are experienced, trained and certified specialists in mycology and are always keen to help interested people and to clear up matters of mycology. Their advice is voluntarily.
Their target is avoiding any mushroom poisoning by giving advice and consultation.
They not only check the collected and provided mushrooms but also like answering any questions regarding mycology, such as transport of the mushrooms, habitats and growing conditions, conservation and preparation. And, what is most important, they give advice on what to do in case of suspicion of mushroom poisoning.
In addition to that these mycologists provide tips on books worth reading and special questions like contamination by radioactivity. They give information on endangered kinds of mushrooms and try to do their very best to provide safe and valuable mushroom gathering locations.

All mycologists are available for information only and without responsibility. There are no firm consultation hours. Appointments can be made by phone with:

Mycologists in the Saale-Orla-District
NameTelephone numberAddress
Hartmann, Bruno0049 36649 82645Reuther Straße 19
07926 Gefell
Eisentraut, Jürgen0049 36442 1333Amtsgerichtsweg 1
07927 Hirschberg
Jahn, Harald0049 36481 50622 Walkmühlenstraße 22
07806 Neustadt (Orla)
Haßmann, Klaus0049 36442 1709Ortstraße 53
07927 Sparnberg
Lenfert, Heinrich0049 36482 32514 Burkhardt Straße 29
07819 Triptis

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