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The Saale-Orla-District, that is with its 1,148 square kilometres the third biggest district in Thuringia, is shaped by industry, agriculture, small and medium sized business and handcraft.
Luftbild ZPR Blankenstein
Dr. Ing. Jan H. Hamkens, Geschäftsführer Docter Optics, Neustadt an der Orla
Leiterplatten, unter anderem für Steuerungen in der Industrie oder den Fahrzeugbau, der Firma
EPN-Elektroprint Neustadt

Successful association: An industrial settling in a picturesque landscape. That is the Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Blankenstein (a cellulose plant and paper mill)

Successful in the optical industry: The company Docter Optics, Dr. Ing. Jan H. Hamkens is presenting one of the lenses of their range of products.

Printed circuit boards, among others for control systems in industry or vehicle manufacturing, made by the company EPN-Elektroprint Neustadt

Economically strong, attractive in a businesslike sense

The Saale-Orla- District is characterized by a multifaceted economy. Predominantly it is a rural area but its inhabitants succeeded in combining tourism and industrial settlings in an idyllic landscape. With its more than 5, 300 companies in industry, agriculture, small and medium sized business and handcraft the Saale-Orla-District is one of the economically strongest in the Free State of Thuringia.
East Thuringia has the highest density of workplaces in the processing industry. So, there are 99 of 1 000 inhabitants employed in a manufacturing firm or industrial company of the region. That is much more than the average in Thuringia (54 people in 2007). The pre-conditions for new industrial settlings are ideal because of the good infrastructure of the 33 industrial estates with a fast access to the A9 motorway.

The spectrum of committed companies in the Saale -Orla-District include
one of the biggest printing houses in Europe, the Grafischer Großbetrieb GGP Media in Pößneck, that belongs to the Bertelsmann Group, the wood competence centre with saw mills and production of cellulose in the region Blankenstein/Friesau, vehicle manufacturing and most multisided high-tech supplying industry. The Saale-Orla-District is market leader in East-Thuringia with 50 companies (and more than 50 employees) in the processing industry. Companies in our district work on a high international level. The export rate amounts to 35 % whereas the average in Thuringia is 33.7%.


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