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Dorfanger von Moßbach, geprägt durch den Dorfteich, viel Grün und Fachwerk-Höfe

Life in the Saale-Orla-District is usually relaxed and calm, often even idyllically quiet.

Townscapes display more and more facades in their old glory behind which you can find refurbished flats with high-class comfort. Newly designed places and grounds, cafes and displays bring life in the old historic town centres as for example in Pößneck.
In the southern district parts blue is the colour of many towns. Intact villages, traditional timber-framed buildings and typical four-sided courtyards characterise the rural areas. The traditional slate houses, fondly renovated and looked after, are made from many different nuances of the “blue gold” – the local commodity sleet.
New residential developments and neat single family houses emerged in many places of the district and offer excellent housing spaces. Leisure and recreational facilities are on offer; everywhere is a diverse community life. Shopping facilities for the daily convenience are on offer extensively. For entertaining shopping trips people also visit Jena, Plauen, Gera or Hof.


Rent index of the Saale-Orla-District

The current rent index 2015 - 2017 was prepared by associates of the district office in cooperation with stakeholders of landlords and tenants. It is meant as orientation to determine the locally customary rent for new leases. For tenants the rent index is an option to determine whether a landlord is keeping in line with locally customary rates. The rent index is supposed to be decision guidance and aid avoid disputes between rental contract parties. In the Saale-Orla-District the rent index was issued for the seventh time.


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