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Industrial fallow

Real estates and industrial estates

The District Office stores a multitude of inventory properties former industrial sites as well as empty property - in a database.
In that way potential investors who are looking for a suitable site for their project can choose from more than 500 objects and areas. They receive a marketing brochure with all important information about the real estate.
If you are interested in recording your commercial property in this database, please contact the address stated below.

In addition to these inventory properties our administrative district possesses 36 industrial and commercial areas. These can be found on the map by clicking on Economy. Information on important data of every estate like infrastructure, vacancies, contact persons, etc. is provided. This way you get further information quickly and easily.

Landratsamt des Saale-Orla-Kreises
(District Office of the Saale-Orla-District)
Oschitzer Strae 4
07907 Schleiz

Phone: +49 3663 488-751 Mrs. Wagner
Fax: +49 3663 488-486

E-Mail: wirtschaftsfoerderung@lrasok.thueringen.de

Industrial fallow management at Saale-Orla-District

Fallow industrial sites, plain abandoned company premises, partially vacant streets of residential and commercial houses impair the urban and landscape image. We want to do something about it by actively advertising those fallow industrial sites, supporting prospects in finding the right premises and therefore enhance the urban image.

In the context of a model project of fallow valorisation in the districts Saale-Orla and Greiz exposs of sites suitable for craft enterprises and small businesses were drawn up. These can be found here ...


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