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Volkshochschule (adult education centre)
Please be aware of the plethora of opportunities available to adults through the adult education program.

The Volkshochschule is a municipal institution under local ownership of the Saale-Orla-District. According to the Thüringer Erwachsenenbildungsgesetz (ThEBG) (legal basis) it is exclusively aimed at serving the public good regarding adult education in our administrative district.
So, its tasks are providing and improving knowledge, skills and qualifications to the citizens in the fields of politics, society, further education for parents, environment, health, culture, languages and professional training.
The Volkshochschule is located in Pößneck and has a branch in Schleiz (full time) and also in Neustadt an der Orla, Triptis, Wurzbach and Blankenberg (complimentary).

More information at www.vhs-sok.de

Auch sportliche Betätigungen, wie Inline-Skating, Aerobik, auch Bauchtanz gibt es in jedem Semester.


Geschäftsstelle Pößneck
Wohlfarthstraße 3-5
phone: 0049 3647 448-144
fax: 0049 3647 448-147
e-mail: poessneck@vhs-sok.de

Geschäftsstelle Schleiz
AWZ Schleiz
Löhmaer Weg 2
Tel.: 03663 413-026
Fax: 03663 413-065
e-mail: schleiz@vhs-sok.de

Zum Angbeot der Volkshochschule gehört unter anderem die interessante Kräuterkunde.

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