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Music School
The music school has been in the Saale-Orla-District since 2002

More students at the music school

Contrary to popular belief, the music school has an increasing number of learners.
Piano is ranked highest on the list of the instruments to be learned, followed by the guitar, brass and stringed instruments.
A significant number of the 700 learners are children at pre-school age with their early education in music.
The music school has 30 music teachers, 20 of them work on a fee basis.
We offer a diverse range of instruction including qualified music lessons as well as ensemble lessons.
In addition to that we offer individual teaching times, special lessons for talented students, lessons in preparation for study or employment and we provide instruments.
Students of the music school demonstrate their various skills in public by performing in project weeks, competitions and concerts.

information and application

Musikschule Saale-Orla
Standort Pößneck
07381 Pößneck
Jahnstraße 7
phone: 0049 3647 412074
e-Mail: musikschuleSoK@web.de

Musikschule Saale-Orla
Standort Lobenstein
07356 Lobenstein
Wurzbacher Straße 13c
phone:0049 36651 2881
e-Mail: musikschule-lobenstein@arcor.de

Musikschule Saale-Orla
Standort Schleiz
07907 Schleiz
Greizer Straße 40 a
phone: 0049 176 14880057 or 0049 3663 479161

head teacher: Silke Pasold

Junge mit Trompete und Musiklehrer
Mädchen mit Kontrabaß und Musiklehrerin

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