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Electronic communication

Opening access for the electronic communication to implement the European Union Service Directives (EUSD)

The district office offers electronic communication with the administration since 29/12/2009 according to the above mentioned policy. The electronic communication is offered by the Thuringian POSC (point of single contact), arranged by the chambers: Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Chamber of Crafts, Chamber of Architects etc.
The administrative district office Saale-Orla-District offers this access according to the following terms and conditions, which only apply to the electronic communication with the district office Saale-Orla-District and not for third parties (linked facilities, other authorities).

2. Principles of the electronic communication

2.1 Informal communication

For informal communication (which means without the requirement of an autograph signature) you may use the following address


You may also send informal (i.e. unsigned) emails to all, on the website or on letterheads of the district office published email addresses.

Secure, trusted and provable mail delivery via De-Mail.
Communication via De-Mail uses well known Email transport. Behind the scenes each mail gets signed and protocolled. Providers of De-Mail are certified private equity companies, so called De-Mail-Providers. To use De-Mail you are required to sign up at one of the official De-Mail-Providers and you need an own De-Mail mailbox.

The De-Mail address of the District Office of the Saale-Orla-Kreis is: info@saale-orla-kreis.de-mail.de

2.2 Formal communication

For a formal communication (where the autograph signature is required by law) the document must be equipped with a qualified electronic signature according to § 2 Par. 1 No. 2 Signature Act.
Requirement for a further processing is that the sent electronic document includes the full name and sender’s address.
If you wish to communicate via email with the district office Saale-Orla-District in a legally binding way, please send the signed and encrypted emails exclusively to the POSC in the state of Thuringia. Since 29/12/2009 access is arranged under


2.3 Formats

If you wish to send data files to the administration, please note, that not all data formats and applications available on the market are supported. Currently the following formats may be processed:

Adobe Reader (.pdf)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Microsoft Word 97 - 2010 (.doc)
Tagged Image Format (.tif)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpeg, .jpg)

If you use different data formats or data files with macros we cannot accept your document. If the district office receives documents via the POSC that do not comply with the accepted formats, include not permitted signatures or are faulty in any other way, the district office will contact the sender as long as he/she can be established.

You may also send processed documents to the district office that have been published on our homepage for download.

The POSC of the state of Thuringia for the EUSD currently only supports signature and encryption processed that are 100% compatible with the industry standard "ISIS-MTT".
You may receive further information unter
www.Telesec.de - Profile of the qualified signature certificates -.


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