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Here you will find help in emergency situations
Important emergency numbers
Emergency physician and fire defence112
Rescue coordination centre
(contact person when searching for help in an emergency)
Information about rescue services and emergency physicians
Information about CHI physician emergency services (compulsory health insurance)
Information about patient transport, providing patient transports of self-pay patients
Assistance in emergencies with fire, gas or in case of a disaster
0049 3671 9900
German Federal Police
(in case of an emergency at railroad property, airports and
border crossings)
0049180 5234566
Financial emergency
(urgent cancellation of credit cards, bank cards, mobile phones or entrance cards)
116 116
Poisoning emergency number0049 361 730 730
Assistance for children and young adults 0049 800 1110333
Assistance for parents 0049 800 1110550
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