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District historic preservationist
Since the 1st September the Saale-Orla-District has belonged to the Thuringian districts that have appointed a district historic preservationist. This post is in charge of putting more emphasis on local historic association and to offer support to the lots of people who are active members in these associations.

Modern and future oriented local historic preservation

include the whole topic of protection of nature and environment, care and preservation of ancient monuments, traditional handicrafts and historical customs as well as historical research and initiatives of sustainable regional development.
For instance, a historical cemetery is not „only“ a monument, but at the same time it is an area of unspoilt nature, a historical place, a touristic attraction and an important social place.

The creation of a network of district historic preservationists should schedule a wide overall orientation from its beginning on and should not get stuck in a widely accepted understanding of the term „home“. It should be possible to put emphasis on different focuses depending on the local situation and these focuses have to be changeable within the coming years if necessary and reasonable.

Regional partners are:

  • Local and regional associations
  • Local authorities like district offices, lower monument administrations and environmental protection authorities and culture departments.
  • Local institutions like archives, museums and other service units as well as single local authorities
  • Initiatives for local development and educational institutions

Kreisheimatpfleger Jürgen Klimpke

Contact address

Juergen K. Klimpke
Apothekergäßchen 1
07907 Schleiz
phone: +49 3663-403194



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